Taxi Ride: Vocabulary Quiz

This exercise helps you to be prepared for your next taxi ride. Choose the right word to complete the text below.

short cuts, traffic jam, black cab, road rage, congestion charge

Alexa: Good morning. City center, please.

Driver: Morning. Neumarkt?

Alexa: Yes. I´m a little late. Do you know any ________ (a)?

Driver: I´m driving a ________________ (b), sir! Of course I do.

Alexa: We will get there for 10?

Driver: Easily. There still might be a bit of a _____________ (c) along Cäcilienstreet, but the ___________ (d) has cleared most of the roads in the centre.

Alexa: Oooh. Did you see that car go past? That´s so dangerous.

Driver: That was nothing. You should see them when they´re suffering from ________ (e)!

Alexa: I´m so happy I´m not driving.

Crime Quiz

Be a detective - This exercise contains a lot of vocabulary related to crime and investigation.

1) The place where a crime has taken place: _______________ IRCEM ECSNE

2) Something that helps the police solve a crime: ________  ULCE

3) What the police collects, so that the criminal can be found and put in jail: _________ DIEEENCV

4) The crime of tricking others in order to get money: __________ DRUAF

5) The crime of stealing: ___________ FTETH


Agreement and Disagreement - State Your Opinion

This word list helps you to state your opinion.


There are many reasons for …
There is no doubt about it that …
I simply must agree with that.
I am of the same opinion.
I am of the same opinion as …
I completely/absolutely agree with …

Qualified Disagreement

It is only partly true that...
I can agree with that only with reservations.
That seems obvious, but …
That is not necessarily so.
It is not as simple as it seems.
Under certain circumstances …


There is more to it than that.
The problem is that …
I (very much) doubt whether …
This is in complete contradiction to …
What is even worse, …
I am of a different opinion because …
I cannot share this / that / the view.
I cannot agree with this idea.
What I object to is …

Vocabulary: Permit And Permission

Let´s have a look at the nouns "permission" and "permit" to learn about word families. Based on the explanations below, choose the right word to fill in the gaps.

permission              a statement from someone allowing you to do something       
permit a document allowing you to do something

a) She was given special ______________ to work at home.

b) You must ask for _________________ before entering the building.

c) You need a work ___________.

d) Did you get written _______________ from the CEO?

e) You need a special ___________________ to park here.


Rearrange the letters to find the jobs that fit in the context of the sentences.

1) Someone who works in a hospital: ____________ CTOODR

2) The head of a company: ____________ OCE

3) Someone who has a technical background: ______________ INEENREG

4) Someone who helps you, when you are in danger: ____________ OIECPL FIFRECO

5) Someone who has a legal background: ______________ WRLYEA

6) Someone who sells buildings: ____________ LEAR STETEA ROKBRE

7) Someone who calculates insurange risks: _________ AUARCTY

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