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Negotiations in English

The skillful art of negotiating is a challenge in any language let alone a foreign language!

We at Business english Academy have constructed a workshop providing your comanany with the tools
to do business in our global world. The importance of negotiation skills in english cannot be underestimated
in order to improve a company's market position.
Cultural aspects especially when dealing with the far east and India play a vital role in successful negotiation.
The workshop will show you how to negotiate correctly in english and be able to deal with situations on the spot.
It will provide you with answers on how to deal with difficult questions in a diplomatic way and to be
better equipped to bargain on behalf of your company.

Some of the topics in the workshop - Negotiating in English:

- giving opinions
- how to interrupt
- clarifying/checking
- rephrasing/repeating/correcting
- asking questions
- making proposals
- (dis)agreeing
- bargaining
- summarizing
- cultural approaches
- diplomacy



Please contact us by telephone or via email if you would like further information regarding this or other
seminars that we have.


You can choose between the following 2 seminar offers:

Full 3-day Workshop: 10 x 45 Minutes lesson hours


1. Online


2. In-house at your company