procurement Englisch

Business English: English Course for Procurement

Process planning, requisition note, materials management - these are a few terms from the procurement sector.

The procurement sector has its own very special vocabulary. In order for staff working in procurement to fully profit from an english course we at Business English Academy have developed a specially targeted course encompassing the terminolgy and vocabulary of the procurement world. This is essential in todays fast-moving and ever-changing modern world where new terminolgy appears every day.

Investing in one of our courses can have deep and underlying consequences for any company with global ambition because it opens up the whole world for purchasing as opposed to simply the local market. This in turn can have a huge and dramatic effort on company growth.

We pride ourselves on helping your company achieved that growth.

Our goal is to provide structured technical vocabulary, after building a solid base, which enables the development of a speedy and efficient learning process.

Our team of native trainers can help provide the platform to open up procurement in territories which were previously out of reach.