In-house English courses or language training in Trier

Trier.pngWe are in your area.

Business English Academy is a language school founded to supply English courses and other languages for businesses in and around Trier. We will support your company in your endeavours to have your workforce trained in English at the highest level, in order that you can do your international business more efficiently and with greater speed and ease.

We have a team of fluent native speakers that are all local to the Trier area.

We will come to your company at the time you require, as often as you require.

Our speciality is focused or targeted English, this means that we do things differently to virtually every other language school. We provide you with targeted English such as Financial English, IT EnglishHR English or simply Business English. We create individual courses to suit your company. This means that you immediately benefit from the lessons that your employees take with Business English Academy and are therefore able to operate much more efficiently than taking the usual General English courses. We focus on what you need, we understand you.

We have a large pool of trainers in the Trier area, each with their individual skills to provide targeted English lessons. Their backgrounds as you can imagine are varied. We have trainers with diverse backgrounds such as experience in the financial world, trainers with engineering or IT degrees, or trainers who used to work as lawyers.

If you wish to see course content for specifically targeted English courses such as IT English, logistics English, or technical English then simply select one of the following links and you will get a much broader idea of the kind of courses that we can offer your company.

What makes us different is that each and every course is actually handmade and created individually to suit your company.


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