Technisches Englisch

Technical Writing in English

This workshop, as the name suggests is aimed at improving understanding and writing skills for engineers or technicians who have to deal with the ever increasing level of english in their working lives.


Language phraseology, vocabulary and syntax for technical writing in english is very different to that of spoken english.

This can bring many challenges to engineers who are only used to speaking english.

The content of the workshop covers many areas including:

·    Special Technical English Writing Vocabulary
·    Sentence Construction
·    Style of Writing Technical English
·    Logical Report Writing
·    Comprehension of Report Writing
·    How to Layout a Report in English


We have constructed the workshop so that it would benefit all people in the technical workforce. If you are such a person that increasing has to write, correspond or read pages of english text everyday then this workshop is for you.


Für die Buchung des Sprachseminars haben Sie folgende Möglichkeiten:

Komplettes 3-Tages Sprachseminar: 30 Unterrichtseinheiten (U.E = 45 Minuten)

1. Online

2. firmenintern bei Ihrem Unternehmen