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English Course / Language Course

in Frankfurt am Main


Business English Academy Frankfurt am Main


English training / English courses in the city of Frankfurt am Main

Business English Academy can deliver flexible in-house English courses and English training completely custom made to meet your company’s needs. With the European Central Bank and many other global banks headquartered in Frankfurt, the need for your employees to be able to communicate in English, verbally and in written form, has never been more important.

We can offer very high-quality language training in the form of totally tailor made English courses, such as Financial English courses, IT English courses, or technical English courses to meet your departmental needs. We believe that this is the future of language training globally and especially so in Germany, which has a very highly trained workforce, requiring a more focused English language approach.

At Business English Academy we in fact create every single one of our language courses to fit your company’s needs. This enables your employees to be more confident in their English language skills at the workplace and they are able to function much earlier in the course as compared to a course of general English, the contents of which are not specific to your company’s business.

We have a large pool of teachers in the greater Frankfurt am Main area, each of which has their own special background skills. We select trainers who have background experience in for example the financial world, which is invaluable to in-house English coaching in companies.

After an extensive online placement test, which comes free with every course we will be able to place your employees very rapidly into respective English courses.

Business English Academy also offers a range of seminars, covering not only the usual intercultural seminars or business seminars but we will also tailor make seminars. Seminars which can be one day, two days, or even a week in length with topics as specific as the Chinese or Indian English accents.

If you feel you need more information, please telephone us, or contact us by email, or even request an appointment and we will send a representative to explain in more detail how we plan and construct our courses to be able to match your departmental needs.

You can click on any of the following links to get a more detailed description of the content of these targeted English courses.

englischkurs englisch lernen unterricht sprachkurs sprachschule english business training frankfurt Businessenglisch