English Course Learning Material

Our learning material is broad and varied since we employ Blended Learning***.  We provide new and exciting modern learning methods such as e-learning, Web-cam learning and video learning. Every single one of our english language courses that we offer at Business English Academy is totally custom-made. We think this makes us unique in the field of modern language teaching. We also think this is the correct way forward  because companies pay for expected results. Therefore if we for example have a Procurement group learning english it is essential for them to be given a total grounding in procurement english. Technical english for this group is really not relevant. In order to build a very unique and targeted english course for a specific group we could employ any of the following learning materials to achieve optimal learning results:

Company Material:

Authentic company material is an essential part of our language philosophy. After all, this is the essence of language that the particular department is focussed on. Company jargon also plays a part with each company having developed its own over the years.


For each of our 13 language levels we have corresponding and appropriate books. We also employ focussed books specially written for a particular field within the company.

After the placement test** has been completed an analysis of requirements is carried out using our Profile Analysis Learning®-system. This will enable us to determine a fitting book for your course. Various Grammar books are naturally also available.


We provide a comprehensive e-learning service for a modern world. You can, for example, work on your grammar or vocabulary online 24 hours a day, every day of the year if you wish. All manners of audio-visual learning are also available here.

Our e-Learning – is completely customized for each course.

Our eLearning System is known as a Learning Management System, or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

This system differs from almost all other language schools because it is not a fixed or static system. As with real classroom lessons we customize every single one of our eLearning courses to follow a singularly individual learning program specially constructed for a 1to1 or group course. The system can also be used in tandem (Blended Learning – see below) with real classroom lessons. The Virtual Learning Environment, which is enormously flexible, is limited only to the imagination can be incorporate to utilize the following:

· Audio (mp3s) and Video

· Classical text (e.g. word documents, Pdf documents etc.)

· Quizzes, vocabulary exercises and other plug-ins.

· Vocabulary or Glossary databases

· Real-time course participant / trainer interaction through a chat program or videoconferencing

Video conferencing Lessons are a very useful addition to real time lessons for learners that are often travelling or require crash courses.

Audio Books:

All kinds of audio books for individual interests from classical to modern themes at all CEF levels are available.

Vocabulary Trainers:

Vocabulary cards and cardholders for an improved word knowledge base.

*** Blended Learning refers to a mixing of different learning environments. The phrase has many specific meanings based upon the context in which it is used. Blended learning gives learners and teachers a potential environment to learn and teach more effectively. A blended learning approach can combine face-to-face instruction with computer-mediated instruction. It also applies science or IT activities with the assistance of educational technologies using computer, cellular or smart phones, Satellite television channels, videoconferencing and other emerging electronic media. Learners and teachers work together to improve the quality of learning and teaching, the ultimate aim of blended learning being to provide realistic practical opportunities for learners and teachers to make learning independent, useful, sustainable and ever growing.