Financial English Language Courses

Financial English delivered to your door at your company

Fixed assets, share capital, current liabilities, operating costs or operating profit are just some English terms, which are very common in the world of finance.

Business English Academy specialises in producing custom-made Financial English courses and Financial English seminars to fit your company’s needs.

We believe in creating every single one of our courses to meet your financial department’s needs.


All of our trainers live locally to your company and have either many years of experience teaching Financial English or have a very strong financial background with either academic qualifications in the financial world or have worked within finance departments or financial services. This enables the trainers to be able to successfully navigate the world of financial terminology.

They are also naturally native English speakers and are trained in the art of teaching English. We select our trainers also for their very high soft skills in terms of interpersonal relations.


Our Finance English courses, which we would provide to your company as in-house courses with a visit of one of our top trainers once, twice or maybe three times a week, could be combined with the use of our virtual-learning platform, which is a dynamic e-learning platform, enabling us to upload at will relevant course material, additional to the visit of the trainer. Tests can also be naturally added at any moment. The e-learning material would not only be multiple choice; it could also contain photos, mp3s, videos, with questions attached to test the students’ understanding.


Financial English courses can also culminate in internationally recognised testing, such as Cambridge’s ICFE test. Business English Academy can naturally not only prepare students for this test, but also enrol them in a local test.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our trainers and we would be glad to give you more information as to how we would create individual courses to fit your company’s needs. You would need only to send us an email, using the email form on the left, requesting a phone call or an appointment or simply telephone us using our toll-free number at the top of the website.

We would be glad to give any advice or more detail information regarding Financial English courses in your area!