Word Power: the working world

Complete the following sentences with an appropriate word from the list below.


part-time; unemployed; retired; colleagues; student; full-time


1. When Tim was at university he had a ______ job.

2. My mother in-law is seventy four, so she doesn't have to work anymore. She has _____.

3. Lisa has just lost her job. She is ____ at the moment.

4. The people he works with are his _____.


Word Power: "to get bigger/smaller"

Write the following words from the list in the appropriate columns below.


shrink; expand; fall; decline; reduce; spiral; stretch; scale back; 


Words meaning to get smaller:                            Words meaning to get bigger:

________                                                              ___________

________                                                              ___________

________                                                              ___________

________                                                              ___________

________                                                              ____________




Years and dates


How to say in which year something happened? 

It happend in the year of...

...1700 seventeen hundred

...1607 sixteen oh seven

...1874 eigtheen seventy-three

...2000 twothousand

...2013 two thousand and thirteen



There are differences in how to express the dates in Britain and the USA.


Word Power: More, most, less or least?


Comple the following sentences with "most", "more", "less" or "least" so that they make sense.

1) easier: ____ difficult

2) the nicest: the ___ attractive

3) cheaper: the ____ expensive

4) the hardest: the ___ difficult

5) uglier: the ____ attractive

6) harder: ____ difficult

Vocabulary: Giving directions


Complete the sentences by using the correct words from the list below.


corner  - third - traffic lights - front - straight (2x) - right - cross


a) Go ____, past the _____. 

b) ______ the next main road.

c) Then take the ____ street on your left.

d) Go _____ this road and turn ____ at the post office

e) It`s on the ____ of Church Street and Lexington Road.




a) Go straight, past the traffic lights

b) Cross the next main road.

c) Then take the third street on your left.

d) Go straight this road and turn right at the post office

e) It`s on the corner of Church Street and Lexington Road. 

') -->