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English for Trainees

We offer english courses, which are specialised for company trainees.

These courses are individually tailored to the your trainees' learning sector. It could be for the hotel industry, IT industry, sales, the construction industry, finance or any other of the diverse fields your trainees may be learning.

Trainees are commonly between 16 and 22 years old and may not be very experienced in their learning environment, for this reason they need specialised support during their training.

That is why BEA only offers experienced trainers at a native level, which are able to work with younger students and guide them to success.

Many firms would like to prepare their trainees for the KMK language certificate.

We offer specialised preparation, which covers all topics of the KMK language certificate:

  • Reception
  • Production
  • Mediation
  • Interaction

This course will also be specialised to your industry, since the exam varies from industry to industry.

Many firms would also like, that their trainees receive an international qualification at the end of their course.

For this reason we offer the Cambridge University Business English Certificate OR the KMK language certificate.

 We offer:

Business English Certificate (BEC Preliminary)

  • Particpants with pre-exisiting knowledge equivalent to B1 level.

Business English Certificate (BEC Vantage)

  • Particpants with pre-exisiting knowledge equivalent to B2 level.

Business English Certificate (BEC Higher)

  • Particpants with pre-exisiting knowledge equivalent to C1 level.

Other aspects which will be handled in the preparation for the exam include:

  • Electronic mock exam on the computer
  • English Training
  • Oral exams in written form
  • Information for the candidates
  • List of vocabulary
  • Summary of the rules for the candiates
  • Advice for the exam day, as well as a questions and answers session


In whichever industry you are active in, we will create and tailor courses individually for your trainees, to achieve the best possible result.


Our trainers:

Business English Academy trainers are native speakers from all around the world. Including from: the US, Great Britain, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland. They are not only selected for their qualifications, but specifically for their extraordinary communication talent (soft skills).

Our years of experience in the German industry guarantee high class results.

If you have any questions regarding our english courses, use our contact form  on the right side, or just call our hotline:

We are happy to help You!