Technisches Englisch

Technical English Course

We offer English courses specifically geared to technicians, engineers and other technical staff.

As with ALL Business English Academy Courses we will specially design a Technical English Course to suit your company.

Technical subjects are extremely diverse and varied and as such it is extremely difficult to construct a one-size fits all technical English Course.

Technical English Subjects range from Solar Power Technology to Civil Engineering to IT to process Control Technology to Nuclear Engineering and so on and so on. There are also virtually no suitable books available at present on the market. Therefore we have taken the decision, as with all our other offered courses, to individually design and construct our technical English courses. We think we are almost unique in offering this.

Course Content:

We construct our courses using the following sources as subject material:

a.Course Books (Technical English)

b.Technical Magazines


d.Local relevant In-House Company Material


f. Teacher Work Experience


This special area of technical english has its own vocabulary and terminology and because of this we have designed an english course that provides your technical staff with the language tools they require to complete their jobs successfully.



Business English Academy trainers are native speakers from all over the English-speaking world. For example: USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, NZ, Canada and Ireland. All our trainers have a high level of German. These trainers are selected by us not only for their qualifications but also for their outstanding communication and soft skills.

The trainers either have a technical background (e.g. have worked in industry in a technical capacity) or have gained technical knowledge through years of work in this area.

All the courses are constructed especially to meet your requirements. Our long-time experience working with German industry guarantees highly qualified results.

Our goal is to provide structured technical vocabulary, after building a solid base, which enables the development of a speedy and efficient learning process.