BUSINESS ENGLISH ACADEMY -Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Is it possible for me to improve my English fast?

There is no question that your English will rapidly improve, no matter what your current level.

The simple reason is that our unique system is built to match you, therefore your own performance will increase.


Why is your system so effective?

This is because we do not follow a one fits all policy. We know that every single person is different.

Everyone thinks, acts and sees things in a different way. We also learn differently. Our courses offer a method to motivate learning.



Is there a guarantee that I will learn?

Our system assures you that you will learn.


What courses do you offer?

We provide totally customized single (one to one) and group courses for all levels (CEF: A1 to C2) for all types of people.

In-House courses for companies are our speciality.



How do I know that the system is right for me?

Because the system is customized especially for you, which guarantees that you make rapid steps in your learning.

Other questions you might have?

If you have another question that you wish to be answered but is not contained here then please do not hestiate to contact us, free of charge, using the contact form on the left. We will get back to you immediately.