English Course:Sales English

We offer in-company Sales English Courses individually made for your needs

Example of possible content:

Jobs and Responsibilities:
- Job Titles and Tasks: Talking about your Job
- A Sales Meeting: Talking about Goals, Objectives and Targets
- A Requisition: Telephoning Language

New Contacts:
- A Trade Fair: Being Polite
- Relationship Building: Establishing Contact at a Trade fair
- Small Talk Strategies: Follow-up Emails
- Email conventions and phrases

- A Sales Pitch: Offers, Tenders and Bids
- The AIDA approach to sales: Talking about a Product
- A request for Proposal: The tendering (or bidding) process
- An offer letter: Active Listening

- Tips for successful negotiations: Discussing Terms and Conditions
- A Company Visit: Agreeing and Disagreeing (conditional sentences)
- Negotiating Styles: Win-win negotiations
- Starting and Ending a negotiation.