HR Englisch

Business English: Human Resources

Social-compensation plan, lay-off protection, law about the legal protection of working mothers are terms which human resource staff will undoubtably encounter in our modern world.

This very specialized field within the workplace contains a myriad of completely unique language which therefore requires a very specially focused language course in order to master the use of english in the human resource workplace.

We offer special custom-built business English Human Resources language courses, aimed to help and improve English for company staff working in the HR sector.

Our trainers (mostly native) are selected for their pedagological ability and in some cases would have worked in the human resouces sector previously. This background experience would provide a most invaluable insight into this very terminolgy-specialized section of industry enabling your company to compete better in the global marketplace and to recruit the best staff.

Our language course goal is to provide structured vocabulary, buildt a solid grammar base, which enables the development of a speedy and efficient learning process.