Use the correct word - vocabulary

Choose the right word to complete these phrases.

1.) drive / ride a car

2.) drive / ride a bicycle

3.) get on / in a train

4.) get off / out a train

5.) fly in / to New York

6.) go with / by underground

7.) take / go a bus

8.) walk to / in work

Countries and nationalities

Write the country and nationality for each capital city.

a) Paris: France, French

b) London: _______________

c) Berlin: ________________

d) Madrid: _______________

e) Tokyo: ________________

f) Warsaw: ________________

g) Moscow: ________________


Buy or Swap? Vocabulary on Investment Banking

Choose the right word to complete this conversation between two investment bankers.

Words: quarterly, takeover, listed, share, stock swap

Alex: Sophie, have you heard that Lexia Ltd. is planning a __________ of Systems Enterprises?

Sophie: What are they offering, a _____________?

Alex: No, a straight cash offer of $32 a ____________.

Sophie: Hmm. Lexia´s production is moving to India, though. They´re _________ in Mumbai, right?

Alex: Yes, and their last five _______________ results are excellent, too. What are you going to do?

Sophie: I think, I´ll wait a while. I think Lexia will have to offer at least $35.

Dialogue: Buying a Ticket

Simon is in Berlin. He wants to travel to Warsaw. Put the conversation in a ticket office in the correct order.

(a) Single or return?

(b) Platform seven.

(c) A ticket to Warsaw please. The five o´clock train.

(d) Single.

(e) Thanks. Which platform is it?

(f) Thank you.

(g) That´s 39,99 €.

(h) I wish you a good journey to Warsaw.


Vocabulary Quiz on Trade Fairs

A trade fair is an exhibition organized so that companies in a specific industry can showcase and demonstrate their latest products, service, study activities of rivals and examine recent market trends and opportunities.

Choose the word that have the same or a similar meaning as the terms a given.

booth, trade show, attendee, courtesy, convention, guide, stall, delegate, complimentary, congress, directory, exposition

1.) free: _______________________

2.) visitor: ______________________

3.) stand: _________________________

4.) trade fair: ______________________

5.) catalogue: ______________________

6.) conference: ________________________

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