English for the insurance industry


Risk and Reward: First Principles
The main types of insurance                                           Talking about your job
Key principles of insurance                                             Describing your company
Roles and responsibilities in insurance companies        Using numbers

Underwriting and Claims
The role of claims handlers and underwriters                 Making suggestions
The customer and non-disclosure                                  Explaining a sequence of events
Increasing the efficiency of claims management            Reporting decisions
Investigating potential fraud

Intermediaries, Distribution, and Advice
How insurance is sold                                                     Describing positive qualities for insurance intermediaries
Cost and payment structures                                          Asking customers the right questions
Regulation and the German insurance industry             Making recommendations
Choosing a financial adviser
Assessing customers’ needs

Life Insurance and Pensions
The pros and cons of life insurance                                Talking about differences
The different types of life insurance                                Expressing opinions
Personal and company pensions                                    Agreeing and disagreeing

Buildings and Household Contents Insurance
The types of coverage offered by home insurance         Completing a claim notification form
Complaints to the insurance ombudsman                       Making and answering telephone calls
Advice on crime prevention for policyholders                 Checking progress on a claim
Handling a claim from a policyholder

Car Insurance
The terms and conditions of car insurance                     Explaining coverage to customers
The variety of coverage offered by insurers                   Summarizing information
Technology and car insurance pricing
Car insurance fraud

Private Medical and Health Insurance
Preventative services for policyholders                          Discussing advantages and disadvantages
Private medical insurance                                              Asking about medical history
A PMI policy
Classifying illness

Challenges Facing the Insurance Industry
The challenges of climate change                                 Talking about change
The impact of the Gender Directive                              Explaining the practical impact of compliance
Compliance Asking for clarification