BEA Business Italian Language Courses

Would you like to learn Italian?

We pride ourselves in the quality of our native speakers and in the Italian language we have a top of top qualified trainers.

Whether you need to learn or improve your Italian for business reasons or simply for pleasure we can offer you a tailor-made course to fulfill your requirements.

Business Italian:

When your company has a great deal of business with Italy it could be a crucial advantage to improve the level of you workforce’s working Italian so that they are able to perform more efficiently. Being able to hold negotiation in Italian, the language of your trading partners can provide your company with the key to give you the edge over your rivals.

For our Italian course, as with all of our language training we believe that the best way to learn is from a native fluent trainer.

We have a simple formula. For every corporate client, we create individually targeted Italian language courses made to meet your goals.

We believe that targeted learning i.e. learning for a specific purpose is good all round. Firstly the company benefits immediately from our courses and the students feel better satisfied, allowing them to perform at the highest possible level concentrating on the job at hand and not having problems with the tools.

Italian for Fun:

Italy is a very unique country with beautiful architecture and a culinary culture second to none. Whether you plan your first trip there or travel there frequently for pleasure we can help you achieve the next level of Italian that you have always dreamed of.

"Chi dorme non piglia pesci."

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