Information for foreign national applicants


1: Your Application

Business English Academy is always looking to add to our pool of trainers. If you wish to apply for a job as a trainer, then please click on the following link to enter our current jobs page NB we are only able to offer freelance teaching positions to trainers currently resident in Germany. For more information please contact: teacherjobs(at)


2: BEA Freelance Teaching Contracts

We currently, only offer teaching contracts for freelance trainers. Before we are able to offer a contract you must be officially registered in Germany with the following:

  1. Permission to stay in Germany
  2. Permission to work as a freelancer in Germany


3: Residence Permit / Work Permit for Non-European Union Persons


  1. Residence Permits

In order to stay in Germany a residence permit is required. This is compulsory for anyone staying more than 90 days. This permit is titled ‘Aufenthaltsgenehmigung’. A visa is required from most countries before entry in Germany which can be obtained at a German embassy or consulate. Citizens of the following countries: United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland, Israel and Japan are able to submit a residence permit application within the first week of arrival. The issuing of a residence permit is managed by the ‘Ausländerbehörde’. To apply for a residence permit (obtaining a form to submit) you must first register your residence at your local Registry Office. The name of the local registry office varies in Germany depending on where you live. Examples are Einwohnermeldeamt, Rathaus, Kreisverwaltungsreferat.

At the immigration office please present your passport and your residence registration (Anmeldebestätigung).

The following documents may also be required:

-          Health Insurance proof

-          2 passport sized photographs

-          Proof of means of support (can be a letter from an employer). If you are a student or unemployed proof of adequate finances (known as ‘Finanzierungsnachweis’) which is about 700€ per month. If you are self employed this is not required.

-          Certification proving good conduct ‘Führungszeugnis’.

The processing of an application for a residence permit lasts around 2 to 3 weeks and a certificate will be issued stating that you are waiting for the permit.


  1. Work Permits

German law requires that if you wish to work in Germany you can only do so with a valid work permit. EU nationals are exempt from this. Work permits are issued by the national employment agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) and this process can take up to 4 weeks. It is not possible to work until you receive permission.


  1. Health Insurance

The state of Germany makes it mandatory for employees and students to have health insurance. Issuing of residence permits also depends on enrollment in a recognized health insurance system.


  1. Tax number

As a freelance teacher you are required to invoice BEA monthly but can only do so with a valid tax number issued by the tax office (Finanzamt). You will need to speak to your local tax office in order to receive a tax number.


  1. Bank Account

A bank account needs to be opened in order to receive a monthly salary.


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