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IT English

In-house IT English courses in your company

The English language is of vital importance to your IT staff in order for them to conduct their work at an effective level when your business is international.

We at Business English Academy therefore recognise that IT English courses are vital to the future prosperity and development of German businesses.

Our Teachers:

IT plays an increasing role in our modern world to effectively streamline processes; in order to plug in to the rest of the world naturally English plays a crucial role. We understand this and can provide your company with top quality IT English training, utilising our native speakers who live locally to the Frankfurt area. These trainers either have an IT background themselves or have extensively worked in English language training with us training IT professionals. This is essential in order for them to deliver the kind of language your IT employees require so that they can conduct their work at an efficient level.

Course Content:

We feel that English should be concentrated in the area of IT because your employees will be able to work immediately from the beginning of their English course.

To us grammar work is essential but so too are things such as IT vocabulary, phrases, the ability for an IT person to be able to understand the language of IT in the English language and most importantly be able to deliver, to explain in a very defined and precise manner how to conduct processes and how to work in the IT world.

Implementation, test phase, period of downtime, or twisted cables are just a few phrases that might be encountered in the world of IT English, without any knowledge of English in this field your employees would have great difficulty conducting business for your company.

Seminars and Workshops:

We would also offer any kind of extensive workshops or seminars to do with IT English which could be held at your convenience at your company in-house for one day, two days or even a full week.

Each one of our IT English courses is created specially for your company.

If you require further information regarding how we do this, please feel free to contact us by using the contact form on the left or simply call the toll free number: 0800 - 40 400 498.

We will be glad to speak to your in more detail about your company's requirements or even arrange a personal appointment if required.