Presentations in English

Even if you you can confidently and eloquently make presentations in your own language it can often
prove to be a little more difficult in english. Not only can there be problems in vocabulary and phrases
but cultural differences also come into play.

We have therefore developed a special seminar entitled "Presentations in English" to help improve
your presentation ability in the english language.

Some of the topics covered in this Seminar.

- Dealing with nervousness
- Getting the audience's attention
- Introducing your topic
- How you want to deal with questions
- Signposting
- Introducing your next slide
- Dealing with difficult numbers
- Presenting graphics
- Explaining trends
- What makes a good PowerPoint presentation?
- Page layout, font, colors
- Summarizing the key points
- Good closings
- Asking for clarification
- Polite phrases

Please contact us by telephone or via email if you would like further information regarding this or other
seminars that we have.


You can choose between the following 2 seminar offers:

Full 3-day Workshop: 10 x 45 Minutes lesson hours per day


1. Online


2. In-house at your company