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Business English Academy: Types of Translation

Types of Translation

Fulfilling high standards for accuracy in subject specific translations

Expert translators who are able to translate fast and accurately must also have a deep knowledge of the translation text subject. We only employ translators who have all of these skills and who more often than not have previous working knowledge of the subject material or better have worked professionally in a company as a specialist on the translation subject.

We at Translation Services Germany have recognized that subject specific translations in fields such as Medicine, Law and Science require expert translators. Our reputation for accuracy and punctuality has increased over the years.

Please contact us if you wish to have further information in areas such as Law, Medicine/Pharmaceuticals, Science/Technology and Finance/Business.


Legal translations pose their own challenges due to their complex nature and the lengthy evolution of legal language. Every language has its own specific legal vocabulary and usage with its own local behaviour and procedural approach.

Medicine / Pharmaceuticals

Medical translations are incredibly demanding imposing very technical and subject specific vocabulary on the translator. Achieving this accurately requires not only great skill but also deep technical knowledge in this field. Call us at Uebersetzungs-Dienste Deutschland, for such expert and qualified translators.

Science / Technology

Terminology in the area of science too has developed its own specific language requiring experts in the field. We have the experts at Uebersetzungs-Dienste Deutschland that are able to fulfil the very high standards needed in the area of science.

Finance / Business

Financial or business translations also require great precision and expert knowledge. Here too over time these areas have developed very specific vocabulary which only experts can successfully deal with. At Uebersetzungs-Dienste Deutschland we have these experts. Please contact us for further details.