Emailing in English

The internet and the arrival of emial has without doubt revolutioized the way we communicate in the workplace.
Without email modern business would not be able to function. the combination of this and the globalisation of industry
means that almost all employees send and receive email, often in english. This has presented a multitude of challenges
for employees who's first language is not english when they are confronted with email in the english language.

There are also challenges understanding mail written by a non-native english speaker.

This workshop addresses these changes as well as many others.It will help employees feel more confident in dealing with email
so that they are able on their own to continue working on company business. writing style and email procedures are also covered.

Some of the topics in the workshop - e-Mailing in English:

- netiquette (dos and don'ts)
- organization
- inbox
- spam / filters
- subject lines
- signatures
- formal / informal
- forwarding / replying
- appointments/arrangements
- attachments
- out of office
- typical writing
- sentence construction /how to formulate
- email vocabulary
- best practices


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We offer the following seminar:

Full 3-day Workshop: 30 x 45 Minutes lesson hours


1. Online


2. In-house at your company