Intercultural Communication

Understanding cultural differences can unlock the door to success for you and your company abroad.
In our fast moving increasingly globalized world meeting the challenges of culture is at the forefront
of international business.

Managers of international teams or employees who have to work abroad need to be able to fully understand and deal
with cultural differences to increase productivity to smooth the path of communication.
Whatever your job is, intercultural skills provide you with a lifelong distinct advantage.
Our workshop 'Intercultural Communication'will sharpen these skills providing a platform to build your future
experience on.

Some of the topics in the workshop - Intercultural Communication:

- meaning of culture
- style
- emailing / telephoning
- making presentations
- meetings
- socializing
- bargaining
- dealing with people
- management of people


Please contact us by telephone or via email if you would like further information regarding this or other
seminars that we have.


You can choose between the following 2 seminar offers:

Full 3-day Workshop: 10 x 45 Minutes lesson hours


1. Online


2. In-house at your company