English for the Chemical Industry

Are you looking for a chemical english course for your employees?


To invest in language training for your workforce is to invest in the future of your company. We at Business English Academy can provide a total english language course solution, and ensure your tomorrow.

Totally Customized Language Courses:

We individually build every language course which focuses on providing your company with accelerated relevant learning.

Free Language Placement Testing: online:

We can offer your company on-line (7 days a week, 24 hours a day) free placement testing to quickly determine the language ability of your employees. The tests are simple to use and provide grade calibrated accurate results.

The very highest qualified teachers:

Our teachers are native speakers with the highest level of qualification and experience. They have high pedagogic skills using our proven Interest Targeted Learning® system in combination with our Learning methodology. The result is that you actually reach the goals that we set out at the beginning of every course.

Blended Learning:

We provide Blended Learning Courses through our e-learning platform to fully complete our in-company service. Courses are individually produced by our native speakers to provide the fastest and most reliable learning.

Course tests:

In order to ensure quantifiable results we conduct periodical course tests (on-line or in-house) conducted at regular intervals. This is to keep all language course participants on track and guarantee the company a homogeneous standardization of on target forward improvement to the fitness of your company. We will provide detailed reporting enabling your company to view progress.
Chosen language teachers come to your company at times you define. You choose between group or one-to-one courses.  We teach according to the generally known Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning and Teaching (CEF), developed by the European Council for Cultural Co-operation (CDCC).