Marketing Englisch

Business English: English Course for Marketing

Media plan, taking out an ad, disposal matrix - these are just a few english marketing terms that might be used when working in the marketing sector.

For this field we offer a special business English course tailor-made for marketing personnel. As with almost all areas of industry the marketing sector has developed its own brand of vocabulary and terminolgy uniquely used within its ranks. Because of this companies require a more focussed english course which only we at Business English Academy offer. We have recognized that industry needs a more targeted approach to an english course and this course is no exception covering all aspects of marketing in english.

The goal of this english course is to provide structured vocabulary, which can only be built on a solid grammatical base. This in turn enables the development of a speedy and efficient learning process.

Our team of native trainers can help provide the platform to open up marketing opportunities in territories which were previously out of reach.