Taxi Ride: Vocabulary Quiz

This exercise helps you to be prepared for your next taxi ride. Choose the right word to complete the text below.

short cuts, traffic jam, black cab, road rage, congestion charge

Alexa: Good morning. City center, please.

Driver: Morning. Neumarkt?

Alexa: Yes. I´m a little late. Do you know any ________ (a)?

Driver: I´m driving a ________________ (b), sir! Of course I do.

Alexa: We will get there for 10?

Driver: Easily. There still might be a bit of a _____________ (c) along Cäcilienstreet, but the ___________ (d) has cleared most of the roads in the centre.

Alexa: Oooh. Did you see that car go past? That´s so dangerous.

Driver: That was nothing. You should see them when they´re suffering from ________ (e)!

Alexa: I´m so happy I´m not driving.




(a) short cuts

(b) black cab

(c) traffic jam

(d) congestion charge

(e) road rage