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English Course / Language Course in Passau

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In house English courses and in house English training in Passau at your company

We have a team of hand-picked trainers available all over Passau.

Business English Academy was founded with an eye on the needs of industry to be provided and supported with English training that fits their requirements in the global market place. We therefore feel that our policy of creating every single course specifically for your company’s needs is the right direction to support international business.

The world of language learning has changed a great deal in the last 100 years. Certainly in the last 30 years there has been a noticeable shift due to the acceleration of globalisation and global markets.


We at Business English Academy decided to provide language training in a revolutionary way. All of our courses are targeted and focused for industry, this means that we feel it is much more important to create courses in terms of departmental structure to maximize your company’s benefit. Therefore if your financial department requires English we will create a financial English course that fits your company, your company’s policies and your company’s business. If you need training for an IT group we will create an English course for your IT specialists.

We see this is a new way of thinking about language training for companies, which is only fitting, since for many years there have only been two types of English courses: General English and Business English. Although we do also offer Business English courses in the broadest sense, our main focus is to provide tailor-made courses for your departmental needs.

We have a very large roster of trainers to pick from in the Passau area, each of them has special background skills in the different areas of business in order to provide the kind of targeted training you require. They have often previously worked as lawyers, as engineers or in financial departments.