Telephoning in English

Telephoning in a foreign language can present many challenges as compared to say a face to face meeting.
It is not possible to read body language for example or a person's emotional state.There can also be technical acoustic difficulties
or trying to understand a person with a strong acent. Creating clear and concise sentences for the international market place
is very important when participating in a teleconference call or communicating one to one on the telephone.

This workshop, has been created to be able to better understand and produce verbally coherent communication on the telephone.

Some of the topics in the workshop - Telephoning in English:

- saying who you are
- reason for call
- taking a call
- Connections
- Taking messages
- voicemail
- technical problems
- lack of understanding
- appointments/arrangements
- apologizing
- spelling
- confirming/summarizing
- ending a call
- accent difficulties
- cultural aspects


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Full 3-day Workshop: 30 x 45 Minutes lesson hours


1. Online


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