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Japanese Language Courses and Japanese Intercultural Workshops

Many German companies have developed deep trading links with Japan a country with one of the strongest and most robust economies in the world. As a consequence it may be that your company needs assistance in either a Japanese language course or one of our Japanese intercultural workshops. We have put together a team of quality native-fluent Japanese speakers ready to support your company in order to conduct efficient business with this key Far East country.

Japanese Language Courses:

Our native fluent trainers have a great deal of experience in providing Japanese lessons for complete beginners to advanced level speakers. We select all our trainers not only for their subject knowledge but also for their pedagogic skills needed to help the learner maintain a constant learning curve reaching achievable goals efficiently.

Japanese Intercultural Workshops:

Japan in its historical isolation has developed a unique and deep culture. Understanding and embracing this culture for westerners can be a crucial door opener in doing good business with Japan.

We can provide you or your company with a custom-made Japanese Intercultural Workshop. Training for your personnel can be an invaluable investment for any business that you may have with this unique Asian country.


for your employees:theory and practice

• Culture & Culinary

• Customs & Behavior

• Communication with japanese colleagues

• Preparation for a business trip


Dress Code



Business cards


Mobile telephone etiquette

After the meeting

Business Lunch



Becoming noisy

Blowing one’s nose






Facial Expressions


Dealing with misunderstanding and problems

Rules for Public Baths

Eating Outdoors

Whether you need to learn or improve your Japanese for business reasons or simply for pleasure we can offer you a tailor-made course to fulfill your requirements.

案ずるより産むが易し。Anzuru yori umu ga yasushi.

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