Automobil Englisch


1 Introduction to the car
Factors involved in buying a car                   Opinions and agreeing or disagreeing
types of cars                                                 Recommending
car sales                                                       Adverbs of frequency

2 The exterior
Exterior car parts                                         The passive
Car production                                             Describing a process
Aquality problem                                         Telephone phrases 
8D report

3 The interior
Interior car parts                                          Making, accepting and rejecting
The instrument panel                                  Suggestions
Adelivery problem                                       Email phrases
A car configurator

4 Under the bonnet
The engine                                                  Describing position and shape
A technical support hotline                          Must, have to and need to
An international car show                            Trade fair phrases

5 Performance and technical specifications
Launching a new model                               Making comparisons
A road test                                                    Approximating
Materials and their properties                      Talking about dimensions
A meeting role-play

6 Safety
A magazine article                                        Talking about advantages and
Active and passive safety features               disadvantages
Choosing safety features                              Making a presentation
Car recalls                                                     Meeting phrases

7 Design
Describing car design                                    Making small talk
The design process
Expanding the product range

8 Future trends
The car of the future                                      Talking about the future certainty,
Environmental awareness                             Probability, possibility
Making a presentation
Fuel cells