Vocabulary exercise: What’s the correct word?


Choose the correct word and fill in the sentences below!


-degree; -course; -apply; -train; -money; -pass; -get


a) Lisa is doing a really interesting literature ______.

b) I’m so happy because I _____ all my exams this semester.

Vocabulary - Apartment


an application N. a written request for an apartment, a job or entrance into a school or an organization 
a credit report N. a complete history of a person's paying habits
In the United States, detailed credit histories are kept on all Americans describing how they pay their credit card bills, rent payments, electricity bills, car payments, telephone bills, etc. People are given grades called "credit ratings" for how well they pay off their debt. When a person moves into an apartment, landlords often request credit reports to find out if a person regularly pays on time.
to deposit V. to put money in a bank
a deposit N. 1) money which is put in a bank 2) money which is given to ensure that something will be returned or remain in good condition
For example, if you want to rent a bicycle, you might have to leave a deposit to ensure that you bring the bike back.
to fill out V. to complete (a form) by writing in the information
furnished A. having furniture used with apartments or rental properties
a landlord N. the man who runs an apartment building or property
a landlady N. the woman who runs an apartment building or property
non-refundable A. cannot be returned (money) 
a reference N. 1) a person who will provide information about your character or ability 2) a written letter which will provide information about your character or ability
When looking for an apartment in the United States, it is common to provide a landlord with references who will say that you are a good person who will not cause problems.
to sublet V. to rent your apartment temporarily to someone else
a tenant N. a person who is renting a room or apartment

At the Hotel

Choose the correct words: changed, upfront, view, exchange, bring, noisy, free, mini, locked, reception

Can you get someone to _________ our bags to our room? 

Are the sheets _________ every day? 

We didn't take anything from the _________-bar. 

_________ my key in my room. 

Do I leave the key at the _________desk? 

Do I have to pay _________ ( = in advance) ? 

At the gas station

Choose the right words to complete the following conversation:

-What can I do for you?

Fill it up, please... Hey, ______________ is Philadelphia from here?
1.) how long
2.) how far
3.) where

-It's about 100 miles from here. 

What's ______________ to get there?
1.) the best way
2.) best
3.) a way

-Take the 95. That will take you all the way to Philadelphia. 

Thanks. Is the 95 a ______________ highway?
2.) toll
3.) cash

At the Airport

Choose the right words to complete the following conversation:

Hi, where's the check-in ________________ for Air Berlin?

1.) counter

2.) control

3.) zone

-That's in terminal 3. This is terminal 1. 



Is there a ________________ that goes between terminals?


1.) transportation

2.) shuttle bus

3.) vehicle

-Yes, there's one right in front here. 


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