Years and dates


How to say in which year something happened? 

It happend in the year of...

...1700 seventeen hundred

...1607 sixteen oh seven

...1874 eigtheen seventy-three

...2000 twothousand

...2013 two thousand and thirteen



There are differences in how to express the dates in Britain and the USA.


Usually, in the USA the month is written before the day.

December 6

If only numbers are used then the order is month, date, year:

e.g. June 12, 2013 06/12/13

You can use ordinal or cardinal numbers to say the date:

February 19 "February nineteenth"

08/22/13  "August tweenty-second"



Usually, dates in Britain are written with a cardinal number followed by the month:

20 July

If only numbers are used then the order is day/month/year

10/04/2008 4 October 2008

Dates are expressed with ordinal numbers:

05/10/2002 "the fifth of october, two thousand and two"