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False friend: eventual

Eventual/eventually – (adjective/adverb) happening later, ultimate. (German: schließlich)
Does NOT mean: eventuell, or maybe
Example: “I will eventually move to Germany”
àample: “I will eventually move to Germany” à in this sentence, eventually means later, not maybe


1) Bill Gates’s ambition to start a computer software company led to his ______ decision to drop out of his studies at Harvard.

a. maybe
b. eventual
c. possible

2) I made the decision to ________ move to Germany after I am finished with my studies.

            a. maybe
            b. actual
            c. eventually


3) The basketball team’s arrogance and laziness led to their ______ loss against their rival.

            a. possible
            b. eventual
            c. perhaps


Answer: 1)b. eventual   2)c. eventually   3)b.eventual