False friend: become

Become – (verb) to come, change, grow to be. (German: werden)
Does NOT mean: bekommen, or get/receive
Correct: She has become more mature.
Incorrect: She becomes her paycheck every week. (German: Jeder Woche werden sie ihr Verdienst werden.)




1) Have you __________ the letter I sent you?

a. become
b. get
c. received

2) Through hard work and self-discipline, he _______ one of the most successful students in his class.

            a. were
            b. became
            c. get


3) I think mornings are the best time to go to the bakery to ________ fresh bread.

            a. become
            b. get
            c. go


____________________________________________________________________________________ Answer: 1)c. received   2)b. became   3)b. get