English / German courses online or in-company

  • business
    Online Business English language courses

    Business English Academy offers Business English and German courses (Online/In-Company) for your company to successfully reach your international goals.

  • jura
    Online Legal English Courses

    Unjustified enrichment, code of criminal procedure, civil law – are some of an untold number of terms that might be encountered in the field of legal english. We at Business English Academy offer specialiality legal business English courses.

  • immobilien
    English Course: Real Estate English

    Adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), judicial foreclosure and purchase money transaction maybe some of the terms used or heard in the business of real estate in the English language.

  • technik
    Technical English Course

    We offer English courses specifically geared to technicians, engineers and other technical staff. As with ALL Business English Academy Courses we will specially design a Technical English Course to suit your company.

  • it
    IT English

    The English language is of vital importance to your IT staff in order for them to conduct their work at an effective level when your business is international. We at Business English Academy therefore recognise that IT English courses are vital to the future prosperity and development of German businesses.

  • sales
    English Course: Sales English

    We offer in-company Sales English Courses individually made for your needs Example of possible content: Jobs and Responsibilities: - Job Titles and Tasks: Talking about your Job

  • versicherung
    English for the insurance industry

    Risk and Reward: First Principles The main types of insurance Talking about your job Key principles of insurance Describing your company Roles and responsibilities in insurance companies Using numbers

  • azubi
    English for apprentices

    We offer english courses, which are specialised for apprentices. These courses will be tailored individually to the sector in which your apprentices are training for. It could be for the hotel industry, IT industry, sales, at the construction site, in the economy or any other of the diverse fields your apprentices may be training at.

  • finanz
    Financial English Language Courses

    Financial English delivered to your door at your company Fixed assets, share capital, current liabilities, operating costs or operating profit are just some English terms, which are very common in the world of finance.

  • logistik
    Logistics English Course

    Smooth constant, lifo-fifo, high rack storage area – can often be encountered when one has to deal in english language in the logistics sector. This sector has developed its own vocabulary and terminology over the years.

  • marketing
    Business English: English Course for Marketing

    Media plan, taking out an ad, disposal matrix - these are just a few english marketing terms that might be used when working in the marketing sector. For this field we offer a special business English course tailor-made for marketing personnel.

  • hr
    Business English: Human Resources

    Social-compensation plan, lay-off protection, law about the legal protection of working mothers are terms which human resource staff will undoubtably encounter in our modern world.

  • procurement
    Business English: English Course for Procurement

    Process planning, requisition note, materials management - these are a few terms from the procurement sector. The procurement sector has its own very special vocabulary.

  • auto

    1 Introduction to the car Factors involved in buying a car Opinions and agreeing or disagreeing types of cars Recommending car sales Adverbs of frequency 2 The exterior Exterior car parts The passive Car production Describing a process

  • medizin
    English for the medical industry

    Are you looking for a medical english course for your employees? To invest in language training for your workforce is to invest in the future of your company. We at Business English Academy can provide a total english language course solution, and ensure your tomorrow.

Face to Face-Online - Live English lessons online with real teachers


Learn english online in a virtual classroom with real live teachers using our video conference.

  • Small Classes with maximum 5 persons
  • Learn at home with no travelling
  • Incredibly low prices
  • Top Native Speaking trainers
  • System requires no downloads
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Parrot Checker - FREE App for Business English pronunciation on Google Play


Our new free English Speaking app, Parrot Checker, helps you check and improve your spoken English. It includes an interactive phonemic chart to learn to recognise the phonetic symbols and say and write the sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet. Listen to example phrases and vocabulary from common Everyday and Business English situations.Speak, record and parrot check your voice with instant feedback. Download it now ...... it's absolutely FREE!

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