False friend: sensible

Sensible – (adjective) rational, having good sense (German: sinnvoll)
Does NOT mean: sensibel, or sensitive
Example: “He’s a sensible guy; he usually makes the right choices.”
à in this sentence, sensible means he’s smart or practical, not that he’s sensitive.




1) The company is looking for a smart and ________ manager, whom they can trust to make the right choices for the company.

a. sensitive
b. emotional
c. sensible

2) Please do not ask him questions about his divorce; he is very _______ about that topic and may be offended.  

            a. sensible
            b. sensitive
            c. rational


3) After her Lasik eye surgery, her eyes needed time to heal and were still ______ to ______ to light.

            a. sensitive
            b. sensible
            c. sensory



answers: 1)c. sensible   2) b. sensitive   3)a. sensitive