Leading a discussion

Der Leiter einer Diskussion/eines Meetings hat eine wichtige Rolle. Er muss sowohl den Verlauf der Sitzung kontrollieren als auch lenken.
Im Folgenden stellen wir acht goldene Regeln für eine gelungene Diskussionsleitung vor:


1.) Make sure participants understand the goals of the meeting and of each item to be discussed.
It is important to state clearly the main goals and to define each item of the agenda at the start of the meeting.


2.) Keep to the agenda.
It is necessary to stop people speaking off the topic and bring the discussion back to the agreed topic.
3.) Keep control – limit conflict.
The discussion leader needs to prevent conflicts in the meeting.


4.) Ask open questions to stimulate discussion.
It is important to allow participants to share their experience, opinions and feelings.


5.) Encourage participation.
The leader´s role is to make sure, that everybody is involved in the discussion.


6.) Check participants´understanding.
This is especially necessary for international meetings, where a range of language and cultural skills may be required.


7.) Make summaries.
This is the key to successful discussion leadership. Try to make regularly short summaries of the discussion.


8.) State your opinion last.
It is important, that you let everybody else say what they think before you give your views.