Let´s write a business letter

Complete the following letter to Michelle Miller in the UK with words and expressions of Business English.

Dear _____________ (a) Miller

Conference 13-16 June

_____________ (b) we ________________ (c) on the phone, we will be coming to the conference on 13-16 June. We would ______________(d) it if you could send us some more ______________ (e)  about the workshops on 14 June. 

We ____________________ (f) to inform you that our CEO, Mr Simon Baker, will not be able to attend the conference after all. We would be ________________ (g) if you could cancel his hotel reservation for us. 

We apologize for any _____________________ (h) this cas caused you.

We look forward __________________ (i) meeting you on the 13th.

Yours ________________ (j)

Anna Smith




a) Ms

b) As

c) discussed

d) appreciate

e) information

f) regret

g) grateful

h) inconvenience

i) to

j) sincerely