Present Perfect: Lesson 2

The Present Perfect is used to talk about a time from the past until now – (e.g. your life)

You can use the Present Perfect + ever (in questions) and never.


-          “Have you ever been to New York?” (in your life) -  “Yes, I have.”

-          Mario has been to the United States but he hasn’t been to Mexico.

-          How many times has Germany won the World Cup?


Bill is 73 years old. Write sentences about his interesting life and the things he has done by using the Present Perfect.

a)      He / write / three novels

b)      He / be / married twice

c)      He / travel / to China

d)      He / worked / four different companies

e)      He / meet /  a lot of interesting people



a)      He has written three novels

b)      He has been married twice

c)      He has travelled to China

d)      He has worked for four different companies.

e)      He has met a lot of interesting people.